We specialize in drain blockage and replacement.

We can repair or replace a drain system without damaging your lawn.

We take great care to route drains around trees.

We specialize in custom drain work.

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Est. 1997

We began our career in underground utilities over twenty-three years ago burying cable for Warner.  We moved on to burying phone line for sprint, along with learning about placement of utilities.  We also had to learn how to locate other utilities with an electronic locator to avoid damaging them.

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We went on working for an underground utility company that buried electric, gas, water and drain lines for new homes.  By then, we had acquired our own machines and started independently burying all utilities including dog fence and irrigation over ten years ago.  We believe our past experience has given us a huge advantage over the average drainage service provider due to our early work in underground utilities.

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All those little emergencies, like collapsed pipes, standing water in the yard, seem to always happen after hours. With us it does’t make any difference because we are always at your service 24/7.


We provide the highest quality service to all our customers. Our highly qualified technicians are always ready to take care of your contracting needs 24/7.

Columbus Drain & Sewer Line Services


We are an exterior drainage service provider who specializes in drain blockage and replacement, putting a huge emphasis on restoration and detail.  We can repair or replace a drain system without damaging your lawn.  Unlike other service providers, we use a sod cutter to remove the sod and replace it when finished.  We use a drain camera to inspect the system and pinpoint problems in your drain and sump lines.  Most problems in exterior drainage involve tree roots, they not only grow into pipes but they collapse them as well.  We perform a lot of tree bypass jobs where we reroute the drains around the tree and save the home owner from the cost of a complete replacement.

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An example of our work.

This 3 picture example shows how detail oriented and cleanly our jobs are done. In the first picture, we’ve used our sod cutter to perfectly remove the clients grass so that we can replace it cleanly. Of course the density of your grass will affect the ability to use our sod cutter effectively.

We take great care to route drains around trees.

Here are a couple of fine examples of our work.  First, you can see how we take great care to route drains around trees, which saves our clients money in tree removal.  The second picture is more drain work.

“The provider installed new underground drain tile throughout the neighbors yard and you can hardly tell the job was done he was so neat about all the work.  The job was done with speed and done well. “

|  Happy Homeowner – Columbus Ohio  |



Excellent work! Our sump pump is no longer running continuously. William and his assistant were professional and answered all of my questions. We would highly recommend this company.

| Happy Homeowner – Columbus |



It went very good. They use a sod cutter to make a trench, and the yard looked normal when the work was completed.

| Happy Homeowner – Columbus Ohio |



Joseph showed up in time. He assessed the problem in a timely manner. He worked very hard and did a perfect job fixing a clogged pipe. Definitely, I will recommend him for similar jobs.

| Happy Homeowner – Columbus Ohio |




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I promise as the owner of this company, if you can find a cheaper contractor, they definitely will not come close to our level of workmanship.  We take great pride in our work, and treat each job as if it’s a masterpiece.   I will treat your home and property as I would my own.  You have my word on it.

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